6 Iconic Images Re-created In One continuous 50-Second Shot (VIDEO)

in a single continuous 50-second video shot for Sunday occasions’ community area, Brit manager duo United States and marketing company gray need grabbed six iconic photos from contemporary culture. The video is a phenomenal glance at motion picture miracle, showing us within what amount of various ways cinematographers can fool the eye and manipulate their globe. And following the awesome video clip blows the mind, take a look at the making-of below, where miracle is revealed. (via: petapixel)

Making of:

Here’s the full listing of the iconic photos recreated in video:

1. The Thinker

Image credits: spaceyjessie

2. Forrest Gump

3. Mad Men

4. The Creation Of Adam

Image credits: sebastian_bergmann

5. Reservoir Dogs

6. Daft Punk

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