Hilarious Art class Ads Parody Anti-Drug PSAs

The College for Creative researches together with an advertising firm Team Detroit created an ingenious advertisement idea to attract students for their art classes. Instead of bragging how good the college is, they decided to use reverse psychology.

The ads supposedly discloses harmful and addictive complications of art, and is also mocking well-known anti-drug promotion through the 1980’s and 90’s, come up with because of the public-service Announcements.

the concept was conceptualized by Marcus Popiolek, manager of marketing and advertising at CCS, Kate Lees and Megan Mesack, both of the university. The initial promotion ended up being posted in 2011, in addition to witty paradox instantly moved viral on social networking sites. Here are the advertisements through the older campaign combined with several brand-new people of released in 2010.


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