Man sick and tired of Immigration discussion Buys His Own Newspaper Ad

Anybody who’s already been following development will without doubt know that these days could be the time the British ballots on whether to leave or remain in europe. Assuming you’ve been following it, you’ll no doubt be familiar with exactly what a boring and propaganda-fueled discussion it really is. Misinformation abounds, and no person can agree on everything except that apocalypse is originating some way. But one man features made a decision to simply take a stand against this nonsense. Their name’s Laurence Taylor and he’s become one thing of an overnight hero after taking right out a page ad in the Metro Newspaper.

“I’m fed up with the rubbish becoming talked about immigration,” see the advert. “Vote Remain Or keep, your responsibility, but take action based on details perhaps not worry.” Above the text is a pie-chart illustrating the reality about immigration – among the debate’s most contentious topics. With this simple gesture, Mr. Taylor only won the vote of millions. (h/t: Mashable)

Image credits: Phillip Rowntree

Image credits: Jamie Osman

Here’s the entire design of ad

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