Singer Illustrates the woman Relationship With ‘IT Guy’ In 13 Adorable Comics

Some comics completely summarize exactly what every long-term commitment is much like, but Bonnie Pang’s work is a long-lasting relationship. The singer stated the woman series IT man & ART woman are totally in line with the moments she shares along with her partner, and they’re absolutely heartwarming.

“i have already been generating comics since I have had been little, maybe 6-7 yrs old, and so I have now been making comics for around 20 years today,” Bonnie informed us. “i really believe my very first comic ended up being a spin-off of Three small Pigs. In it, they were running a restaurant, so that the wolf would visited possess some real food rather than the pigs on their own. Throughout my school years, nearly all of my comics was indeed fan comics of shows and films that We loved, and around 2013 We started making initial comics.”

“I’d been generating a heartwarming-wholesome style comic on Webtoons labeled as Roar Street Journal for 36 months. I had a lot of fun making it, but i needed to use generating various other comics besides. Coincidentally, my fiancé and I also got engaged this year, thus I believed it’s a good time to start out a relationship comic.” And because Bonnie is documenting their particular small moments in sketchbooks because they started internet dating, she had countless material to work well with.

“In Roar Street Journal, while all figures were-animals, most had tales motivated by my personal experiences. But IT man & ART woman rely on them 100per cent. Sometimes, however, we exaggerate things a bit to help make the story funnier. So kindly, don’t think that every tale inside series had taken place identical means in actuality, also!”

According to Bonnie, the best thing about producing comics is having all the innovative freedom being capable interact with your readers. “While I enjoy illustrating books therefore aids my entire life, I nonetheless make comics and even though they’re no-cost. It’s a medium where i will freely share my values and thoughts, and connect with readers from around the entire world.”

“When I began IT Guy & ART Girl, I was thinking no one would read it since there already was in fact many great commitment comics nowadays,” she included. “I didn’t anticipate a lot of people would relate with the series and undeniable fact that you will find quite a lot of various other IT man and ART girl couples. Many Thanks, everybody else, for reading!”

1. Recharge

2. Buying with an IT guy

3. Fan

4. Cream

5. Muscular Calves

6. Eating Out

7. IT Guy

8. Art Girl

9. Wide Shoulders

10. Autumn

11. Stereotypical

12. Costumes

13. Slouching

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