Mom’s Shocking car crash Photo Is A Chilling Reminder To ALWAYS Put Your child In A Car Seat

Being a moms and dad is stressful. Even though the urge to take shortcuts whenever pretty quickly is real, this mom’s viral post obviously illustrates that your particular child’s carseat protection is not a thing to simply take gently.

Jenna Casado Rabberman of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, had stopped her trusty Honda CRV for many shopping on the way residence from preschool, together 6 week and two year old boys firmly strapped into their rear-facing child car seats. Off nowhere, another automobile slammed into all of them at high speed, making the Honda totalled but Jenna along with her children miraculously unscathed.

“You never ever believe it’s going to eventually you,” Jenna stated. “My men escaped without a scrape nevertheless paramedics said it may are completely different had we maybe not taken the excess 2 moments to make sure they certainly were buckled properly. I will be fine, my kids tend to be fine, the rest may be changed. Sending as a result of God for maintaining us safe. (alongside Honda, Graco & Chicco)”

Jenna’s Facebook post showing the chilling aftermath associated with crash, with child car seats still in pristine problem, serves as an important course for all parents and illustrates precisely how essential good high quality and correctly car chair is actually for the security of kid. She’s utilized the chance to spread the woman message about car seat protection and folks tend to be listening. “THIS is the reason why you buckle your kids to their child car seats properly every time,” she penned. “Even when they scream since the straps are tight. Even If they complain about the chest video or being rear facing.”  Jenna has also been obvious that despite the baby car seats apparently exceptional condition they’ll certainly be changed, as per safety professionals’ recommendation after any accident, small or large.

One mom has used the opportunity to distribute the woman message about car seat safety and people are listening

Jenna’s Facebook post showing the chilling aftermath of crash serves as an important training for many moms and dads

“THIS is the reason why you buckle your kids within their car seats correctly each and every time”

men and women have shared their very own tales and thanked Jenna for revealing her knowledge

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