I Photographed The Mystical Land Of Transylvania

influenced by legends, mythology, and standard fairytales, last year I began a journey which I experienced one goal… to make use of my photographic talent to state in pictures the good thing about a land that however shows the secret of times over.Transylvania is a land abundant with myths and legends with regions which can be Europe’s last great backwoods.

within the last year, We have photographed the sunrise therefore the sunset from different corners hidden from circulated roadways or contemporary towns. Locations with odd and supernatural beauty and I usually felt that point stopped in these places… the sensation ended up being odd as if you were waiting around for the characters from the grandma`s stories, or characters through the complex history of these places to appear in front of you.we thought we would utilize some methods of photography and post-processing to stress these feelings and moods I personally believed during these locations. Inside series, I photographed centuries old abandoned hill villages, remote medieval hill fortresses, vineyards of lost leaders, haunted castles, old untouched forests, hill pastures, villages in which transport is founded on ox and cart, portraying the pastoral idyll of Transylvania.I tried to remind united states of an occasion when heroes introduced order to chaos when dark forests nonetheless keep its secrets.

It’s easy to realise why Transylvania’s landscape features sparked the imagination of many article writers. As English travel copywriter Patrick Leigh Fermor wrote in 1934 ‘Transylvania was a familiar title so long as I could remember. It Absolutely Was ab muscles essence and icon of remote, leafy, half-mythical strangeness; and, immediately, it felt remoter still plus fraught with charms.’ With this quote within my mind, I made an array of my just last year work, and I wish could have the magic with this lands you to ultimately.

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