80-Year-Old Grandma Asks Her Granddaughter For a Makeup, Becomes online Sensation

whenever 80-year-old Livia asked the girl granddaughter for a makeup, she performedn’t be prepared to be an over night internet feeling, but that’s precisely what happened!

Croatian makeup products musician Tea Flego is showing the whole world how an imaginative usage of makeup will get gone about twenty years old. And the thing that was supposed to be a display associated with artist’s incredible contouring skills also have turned into a heartwarming proof of granddaughter and grandma unique bond.

now-known across the internet as Glam-Ma, Livia is enjoying the interest along with her refreshed fresh look, demonstrating to us yet again that there is no such thing to be too old.

“She desired some thing fresh”

So the woman granddaughter attempted her contouring abilities

“I love my granny Livia,” states Croatian makeup products artist Tea Flego

“Being in a medical home and having responses from all over the world, indicates too much to her”

They also recorded this video to exhibit the method

Now “Glam-Ma enjoys the woman popularity”

In return, the grandma assists the girl granddaughter discover newer and more effective followers

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