Geode mouth actually Rock

whenever NYC-based makeup artist Johannah Adams recently posted pictures of her amazing crystal lip projects, Instagram went positively crazy! From druzy quartz to amethyst cuts, the lips look only dazzling.

“i’ve this geode necklace that my dear friend provided me with as something special and I enjoyed the gold and crystal surface a great deal. 1 Day it hit myself that I Will attempt to produce a brand new lip art making use of that as determination!” – Johannah informed united states.

She uses a variety of much glitter, a color base, and a dense clear gloss. “The crystal appearance is accomplished by an ongoing process of mixing and layering. I begin an assortment of a color, the gloss therefore the crystals and hit and distribute it on my mouth. Then I just take simply loose sparkle and press on even more to finish the crystalized look.” – Johannah explained united states. Each lip takes about an hour to create, however the outcome literally rocks!

More info: Instagram

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